A tale of passions

A familial estate since 4 generations

Le Maine Giraud has grown from an amazing idea: combining a deep passion for cognac with a unique literature and architectural heritage.


Our heritage is based on innovation, from responsible culture to fine blending exercices. Each plot of Le Maine Giraud vineyards is very specific and allows subtle blends. Gesture secrets and savoir-faire are passed on year over year, from grappes development to brandy maturation in oak barrels.

Le Maine Giraud estate started in 1937 when M. Durand acquired the Abode and additional lands. He planted new vineyards by hand, which are still aligned in an age-old method. Each yard has its own story, shared by several generations of winegrowers. They worked hard to bring you the best from the earth and the sky.


We are glad to share this heritage with you everyday.

Latest News

Saturdays Conference

Le Maine Giraud Estate is glad to invite you on March 5th at our 2016 first conference - Free entry.


Sylvain Ledda will onboard you for an amazing journey among Vigny's coevals. He is Associate Professor at Rouen University and a recognized expert of arts and romantic literature. Get ready for a cultural deep dive with the whole familly, to understand the XVIIth century heritage.



This conference is organized with the European Union support, as well as Aquitaine Limousin Poitou-Charentes Region and 4B federation of communities.

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